Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, we finally figured out how to get me on the Blog too. Janell tried to keep it to herself, but I hacked into her account and added myself. HA HA HA

Here is proof that Janell's not the prissy princess that everyone thinks she is. She is willing to get a little dirt under those beautiful fingernails (except she wore gloves, so I guess not really).

This is outside of our new church building. We were clearing out some of the brush that is on our property. We want a clear view of the pond from the windows of our sanctuary.


Daniel Kenobi said...
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Mike said...

Are you sure you went looking for Janell's car after she drove it into the underbrush and forgot where she left it? She was always losing things like that as a kid.

runraerun said...

Janell, this is Rachel (Holtzhouse) Robinson. I decided to try and look for some old friends on the blogging network. I'd love to hear more about you and how you are doing. I"ll be checking back at this site to hear more about you!! It's been a long time.