Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lobster Anyone?

Here's a lesson for all you kids out there.  Even though it's cool outside, and it's not sunny in the morning, that DOES NOT mean that you can go to a baseball game without sunscreen.  Some might think of this as an easy way to get a couple days off work, but I will assure you that it IS NOT WORTH IT.  Some might assume I was trying to do my best Clawful impersonation, but he WAS NOT my favorite He-Man character.  In case you haven't heard of it, when your sunburn oozes puss, it's called "weeping".  It's quite enjoyable...Ok,not really.  It's actually very disgusting.  Probably not as disgusting as the HUGE blister on what used to be my right ear lobe.  I'm hopeful for partial recovery of the lobe.  Just to clarify, the substance on my wounds is not puss, but rather the medicine my doctor prescribed.

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Mike said...

Or did Andy miss an easy fly ball, and get embarrassed?