Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Reflections

It seems earlier than 11:30 pm. I should be tired, but a quiet house and the promise of the remainder of the weekend are luring me into staying up. So I might as well post my Friday Reflections so I can at least have something to feel accomplished about when I'm bemoaning my lack of sleep tomorrow.

1. Last weekend was full of time in the car, family, and potato salad. And I mean 40 lbs. of potato salad. I guess if we're talking poundage, my family wins out over potato salad...but that's beside the point. Daniel had his graduation open house last weekend, so we trekked up to Muskegon and helped my mom and dad get ready for the party. It was nice just to be home and work on stuff together. James got right to work and didn't stop moving from early in the morning (this kid gets up early!) till late at night. And when he finally got in bed at night, that kid was asleep in less than a minute.

2. *Guest reflection by Andy* - I've found it's very tiring to be a stay at home dad. Also, if you feed a baby lots of broccoli, her dirty diaper will smell exactly like broccoli. Exactly.

3. It's really nice when your husband volunteers to go grocery shopping. It's very important to bite your tongue when you see there are very few vegetables.

4. I'm realizing that I really miss baking. I'm not exactly sure where I could fit it in, but I'm going to try. Even though it's probably not recognized as a creative art form, I think it's creative. And you get to eat your final product. :)

5. Welcome back Casi!! Even though you're still far away from me, I'm glad you're back in your own home and hopefully resting up from a long week.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out. :) and thanks for being are such a blessing to me.