Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Reflections

I think this week's reflections may read more like confessions...that's just the mood I'm in or the week I've had - not sure which.

1. I am a failed couponer. To be honest I didn't go all in, but I think that ends up being like a part time job, and right now my full time job seems like a little much. Anyway, back to my coupon failure. I did successfully gather and use many coupons, and maybe I even got some good deals. But in the end I spent more money the weeks when I used coupons then on the weeks when I didn't. I'm sure this means I didn't make a good list or didn't follow the circulars or go at the right time or go to enough stores, but until that makes itself more apparent to me, I'm just grocery shopping the old way. 

2. Sometimes I am really good at just doing things without letting the details overwhelm me. And sometimes, I'm just really good at making lists. This has been a list week.

3. I like to think that I can make a lot of things. I often see something and think "I could just make that." But the truth is, I should probably stop thinking that. Because then I put it on a virtual list in my mind of things that I will do when I have extra time, and that list is getting pretty long these days.

4. I was right about being a sick mom. It's pretty much the same. But I did stay home from work one day and slept until 11:38 am! And even then, it was only Ozzie's barking that woke me. 

5. I'm so thankful for an extra day at home this weekend. I am trying not to overestimate how many things I can do with this extra day and just think of it as time to enjoy and spend with my family. 


Daniel Kenobi said...

Very friendly stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cracked up at #3. It's the truth and it cracks me up every time. Way to go on #5! And I feel the same way about #1.