Friday, March 18, 2011

Crash Course Update

Considering it's been an unmentionably long time since I've posted, and given the fact that our lives have changed considerably since then, I thought it might be appropriate to have an "update on the McCanns" post before I dive into the jungle of thoughts I've been wading through lately.

Last November 19th, Hazel Eden joined our little family and has been bringing us laughter, love, joy, and many sleepless nights ever since. :)

A while ago, (ok a long time ago) I posted about a life-changing decision and never explained what it was. While this is a very long story that won't all be told on this blog, the short of it is that we are soon to become a family of four! James, one of Andy's previous students, will be coming to live with us soon. Though we are a bit terrified at becoming parents to an almost teenager (What are we thinking?!? Teenagers are awful...from what I remember of being a teenager.) we are also excited to have James as part of our family.

I guess those are the only real changes. We have the same jobs, live in the same place, drive the same cars...yet somehow everything is completely different. Including how much time we have. We've never had loads of free time, but now I've realized that the phrase "free time" is actually a joke. There is no such thing as free time! Time you use for one thing means sacrificing something else, so we find ourselves trying to choose the best things to spend our time on. And speaking of time, mine is gone.

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Anonymous said...

I just realized you started writing again!! I decided to go back to the first new posts so I can read them in the correct order :)