Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baking =

James stays with us almost every weekend. For the most part he's all boy. He loves sports, video games, pranks, eating, more sports, more video short, we have almost nothing in common. Except for that eating part. :) We both love food - eating it, talking about it, and now making it. I try to set aside time for us to make something together each time he is with us. Usually he acts a bit impatient with how long the process takes or how many steps it involves, but he's always very proud of the finished product.

Math Lessons
I always thought I wouldn't do what my parents (wisely) did and turn every day moments into little lessons, but today I found myself giving a mini math lesson in the middle of making a loaf of bread. Hey, what better time to prove you really do need math? :)

An Inexpensive Activity
As a super-intelligent person, I have quickly come to a new and startling are expensive! But a little flour, butter and eggs make for  a pretty inexpensive way to spend our Saturday morning.

Delicious Bread (if you have even the slightest interest in food, you will love this site. I'm obsessed with everything she makes)
I hope. Waiting for it to cool.

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