Friday, July 14, 2006

Better late than never

Casi and I making lime-margarita chicken kabobs

Even though its taken me almost two weeks, I still need to prove that I actually planned something, and then it happened exactly how I planned it. To be fair, when I say "I," I mean Casi. But thats completely beside the point. From here on out I'll say we.

We decided to host a 4th of July party at Casi's house this year, complete with swimming pool, a friendly bags competition, a cookout, and fireworks. We had a great time (aside from being bombed by Andy's water balloons at various points throughout the day) and enjoyed a relaxing day together.

We were really excited about the cupcakes!

Soon-to-be parents Ted and Sara (we can't wait!)

Two of the sweetest and most eligible bachelorettes in Chicagoland (Casi and Lydia of course!)

Still newlyweds! : )


runraerun said...

sounds like you had a great time! We always love hanging out with friends and playing games. It looks like you had quite a crowd. Your husband appears to be quite the fun loving guy. How long have you been married? Enjoy the newlywed times!!!

Lisa said...

yeah, happy anniversary! ( I'm sorry janell, but i don't really know how to spell it)

Wags said...

hey janell!
hope you're doing well... hope to touch base with you again soon!

Hancock Handyman, or Nanuk of the North said...

Curious about the "friendly bags" competition...