Sunday, August 17, 2008

I like grocery shopping like some people like a cold beer. After a bad day, nothing is quite as soothing as a trip to my favorite food sanctuary. It calms me to remember that no matter how long I was at work, how badly a meeting went, or what kind of disarray the house might be in, we will still need to eat, and food will still taste good. I love picking our apples for the week (should I stick with tried and true favorite Braeburn, or will the Fuji's be better this week?) and finding jewel-like tomatoes still on the vine.
On my most luxurious visits, I wander into the long aisle of gourmet cheeses and read the descriptions below each one. Every once in a while I buy one to try - what an extravagant thing to be able to eat something I have never before tasted!
Maybe its an expensive form of therapy, but considering it doubles as our grocery bill, I'm going to consider it an approved expenditure.


Andy said...

As long as the purchase of lettuce and hot dogs isn't involved, I'm 100% in favor of your therapy sessions.

Casi said...

Your addiction is a little stronger than I thought... reading gourmet cheese labels?! ;)
But, if you going to be addicted to something- I think grocery shopping isn't too bad of a choice.

Ang said...

hm...maybe your post will lead me to reconsider my growing feeling of utter hatred for the grocery store. Some positive feelings of gratitude and inner peace....maybe that's all I need to stop loathing the place :)

Really. It just might work.

Anonymous said...

i believe that's how dad feels about grocery shopping as well..