Monday, September 03, 2007

I like...

  • guilt free shopping, which includes buying gifts (because how can you feel guilty for spending money on someone else?) and using gift cards from thoughtful friends.
  • making breakfast, and having the time to sit down and eat it. Today's special: whole wheat honey and cherry pancakes; I'm still full and its 2:30 in the afternoon!
  • throwing things away. Don't worry mom, no important papers, and no keepsakes. Just junk. : )
  • new music
  • and old music
  • and listening to music while doing things I don't particularly like, such as laundry, or cleaning the bathroom.
  • making to-do lists
  • and laughing at myself when I realize I've just made one week's worth of projects for a single day off


casi said...

Yay! Another entry! Whole wheat honey and cherry pancakes?! That sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

yeah. you can make me some of those anytime. oh by the way, there's an amtrak station a few miles from my house ; )

Hancock Handyman, or Nanuk of the North said...

Ok. I think I'd better respond to these point by point.

- You can feel guilty buying gifts if you have a budget and you've overspent it, but there are worse categories to overspend. And a question: Should you feel guilty if you use a gift card and then return what you got because you changed your mind and now you have a pocket full of cash?

- If you throw a little wheat germ in those pancakes, you'll be full all day.

- Throwing things away feels great until you try to think about where it will end up. I'm good about deciding that things should be thrown away, but then actually getting rid of them...

- I'll answer all points on music together: Music is good and especially for unpleasant tasks. More unpleasant tasks require louder music.

- There's really nothing more I can add to the to-do lists points.

casi said...

I friend Janell. :)