Friday, May 04, 2007

A different world

I'm home in Michigan this weekend visiting family. I've only been here for 17 hours, but already I've forgotten all my usual stresses.

Normal Friday: rise at 5:30, drive almost an hour to get to work, rush to see our patients on schedule, most likely fit an extra patient or two in at the end of the day, and fight the traffic to get home.

Today: slept in until 10, sat down for a leisurely cup of coffee (3 actually), visited with my extended family over a meal I didn't lift a finger to prepare, went to hear my little brother play in his band for the state festivals, and went to a talent show (in which he won 3rd place!) I also managed to fit in a rousing game of Mario Kart with Andy; not surprisingly, he won.

I could get used to not working.


Tera said...

Wow! A post! It's only been, what, 4 months since your last. Geese! You must have really been bored!

Casi said...

Are you starting to come over to my side? Productivity is over-rated...
Glad to see you're back to blogger world.

Hancock Handyman, or Nanuk of the North said...

I'm sure a weekend at the old homeplace caused you to be over-run with creativity and the urge to blog it out.
I must say it's a good post. I wish I had been there (or at least had a leisurely cup of coffee).

Mom said...

Surprisingly, life is very busy, even when you're not working, but at least you're not fighting a tight and time-consuming work schedule to be "very busy." That did make sense, didn't it? I really don't have time to work at a job, but alas, that is not an option. For now, I've been very grateful to have some time off, and expect that will soon come to an end. So glad you enjoyed you're brief time home, Janell. We loved having you and could take a lot more of you here!