Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Second Winds and New Beginnings

That was the title of Pastor David's timely sermon on Sunday. This past Sunday marked our church's first meeting in our new building, as well as our first Sunday with our new pastor, David Womack. Looking back, it makes all the delays in our building progress as well as the long search for a pastor so worth the wait. It was so fitting that we should all begin anew together, and we honestly couldn't have planned it that we way if we tried. Obviously we weren't the ones planning it.

I never would have guessed the incredible amount of time and work that would be required when we broke ground over a year ago, but I am so thankful for the challenges and needs that have met us along the way. Up until that point, everything had been handed to us. But as people left, and contractors went out of business, and money grew tighter, a strange thing started to happen. We started to act like a family, a family that could pull together and contribute whatever we had to get through. And we started (emphasis on started) to rely on God again. We knew the odds were against us, and the only way we were going to get through was (and is) to rely on God and His wisdom, not our own.

We had our last real workday last Saturday, from 7:30am until 11:30pm! I somehow found myself painting...again. This time it was wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and this time I got to have a friend. Casi and I spent all day painting shelves for the Christian Education office, and maybe a little bit of time talking. : ) Though it was a very long day, it was also one of the most rewarding. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the work yet to be done as I walked out the door to go home, I felt excitement. In only a few short hours, we would be meeting there, singing praise to the Lord, listening to Pastor David bring us the Word, and celebrating God's faithfulness to us!

And that's what we did. We sang and prayed, and we listened to Pastor David talk about the things we can expect God to do in us and in our community through our new beginning. It was so refreshing to be still for a moment (a recurring theme I guess) and look back on where we've been, and then to look eagerly ahead to where we are going.

This coming weekend is our Grand Opening, which will include a Fun Fair for families as well as a dessert/coffeehouse for adults, so that will be a little busy. After that, my life should (for some reason it never seems to work out this way) become a little less crazy. And I can post more than once a month. And hopefully sleep a little bit more. And become slightly less addicted to coffee.

Then again, what's so bad about coffee? ; )


richard said...

Become slightly less addicted to coffee????! That's a good one! :)What fun would life be without coffee?
Thank you both so much for all the hard work you have put in for the new beginnings at the church. It is much appreciated!

Marmie said...

Not much, when you're young. But when you advance a few years (happens faster than you think!) and you start with little health problems, that grow with the advancing, and find out how naughty caffeine can be, you start to think about becoming a little less addicted, yea, even the dreaded thought of giving it up altogether! Perish the thought!

Sounds like Sunday was such a blessing. You guys have worked so hard, and I know you realize there's much yet to do, but look where you are, compared to a year ago. Wow! Wish I could join you this Sunday. Hope this weekend turns out real well, but better wait til after the dessert/coffeehouse you're planning, to become a little less addicted to the hot, black, aromatic liquid! Mmmmm....!

Lisa said...

you know what dad would say about your last line there...

Mike said...

What? The Devil's Brew?